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Timber Fencing at All Aspects Fencing

Quality Fence Panels are one of our specialities. The quality and  guarantee that comes with our fencing will not be beaten elsewhere.
We offer a wide range of timber fencing styles and sizes, please see below for our range.

Below is a catalogue of our Fence Panels.

Close Board Panels on Concrete Slotted Posts

Close Board panels are traditionally used for boundary screening and are more robust than Larch Lap Panels. This style of panel is formed by vertical featheredge boards which partially overlap each other and fix to the rear horizontal supporting wooden rails.  This rails can then be fitted in between concrete slotted posts or timber posts.

  • Rails are precision sawn, resulting in a neater finish and increased strength
  • Designed for use with slotted posts
  • All fixings stainless steel or galvanized
  • Constructed with three rails for extra strength
  • Matching Featherboard gates available by clicking here

If you need Close Board Fencing with concrete posts then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Close Board Fence

Traditional Close Board Fencing is built in situ and is very strong. It is especially good for gardens with sloping ground because the fence can be erected to follow the grounds contour, which means fence stepping is not needed.
The Mortised post and the gravel boards can be either timber or concrete. Our traditional close board fencing with concrete morticed posts and concrete gravel boards is the strongest of domestic garden fences.

  • Capping & Counter Rail available
  • All fixings stainless steel or galvanised
  • Matching Featherboard gates available by clicking here
  • Optional Capping Rails available

If you need Close Board Fencing then contact All Aspects Fencing.


The Standard trellis range is our basic garden trellis system; It’s lighter and not quite as robust version. Standard Trellis panels for use with slotted posts come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to create the perfect screen for your garden. Divide areas off or create intimate areas for dining or relaxing, combine them with planters and decorative post caps for the complete look.

  • Create enclosures, screens and feature structures in your garden
  • Ideal for climbing plants to grow up
  • All fixings are stainless steel
  • All panels are 1.83m wide

If you want Trellis Fencing then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Our range of garden fence panels are designed to work with our slotted posts creating a simple and easy to use fencing system to suit most garden styles. All fence panels are heavy duty superior quality. Capping and Gravel Boards are also available.

European Styled Fence Panels

The perfect decorating solution, providing privacy and security within your garden. A strong panel, pressure treated and can be fitted to timber posts or slotted into reinforced concrete posts.

  • Fence Panels are designed for use with our slotted posts
  • Our Featherboard Panel with a Concave style top
  • Larger Garden fencing Panels constructed with three rails for extra strength
  • New improved heavier rails for extra panel strength

If you want European Fencing then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Larch Lap Panels

A traditional larch lap fence panel adds privacy and security to any garden. Can be fitted to timber posts or slotted into reinforced concrete posts. Some people prefer the boards of these panels to run horizontally.

  • Panels have a profiled timber frame mitred at the corner – not just nailed slats
  • Matching garden gates available
  • All timber is planed all round

If you want Larch Lap Fencing then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Stock Fencing

Are you looking for a fenceline, that still allows you to enjoy your views, but keeps out deers and foxes from you paddocks or gardens?

We highly recommend our stock fencing option.  Custom designed to suit your garden and paddock needs, you can still enjoy amazing views, knowing that you have the stock fencing in place to protect your property.

If you want Stock Fencing then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Knee Rail

Heavy duty barrier type timber fence, ideal for restricting vehicle access.

Posts for Diamond / Knee Rail Fencing with birds mouth top, 100 x 100mm section, softwood planed finish. Galvanized strap to secure post to rails with 50mm nails.
Rails for Diamond / Knee Rail Fencing are 75 X 75mm nominal section. 2.7m (640600) or 1.8m (640300) long. (Posts are set at 1.35m centres)

If you want Birds Mouth Knee Rail then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Post & Rail Fence

An attractive looking rustic fence comprises of sawn square section vertical posts, with three or four horizontal square section rails, morticed into the posts. There are additional stud posts in between the posts at the mid bay point to give extra support. Available in pressure treated softwood or oak.

  • Two rail shapes; square or half round
  • All fixings heavily galvanized
  • Machine rounded timber for regular size

If you want Post & Rail Fencing then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Picket Fence

A Picket Fence is traditional style of fencing produced from wooden pales attached to a rail with gaps left between the pales. This makes Picket fencing the perfect option to protect or mark out boundaries, but also allow light to pass through or people to see through the fence.
A Picket fence will blend in to almost all properties and gardens, so is a great option for use when protecting garden features such as ponds or swimming pools without blocking views or being too intimidating.

All Aspects Gate’s & Fencing produce two standard styles of quality picket fencing.

  • These two classic styles are a rounded top and a pointed top.
  • Picket fencing is available in traditional form, where all the components are sold separately (pales, rails and posts) and constructed on site.
  • The other type is panel form picket fencing, this is when a panel is purchased as an item and then placed into slotted posts.

If you want Picket Fencing then contact All Aspects Fencing.

Hazel Hurdles and Cleft Rail Fencing

The beautiful hazel hurdle panels are installed by driving posts into the ground manually and attaching the woven hazel posts, most common on rural properties and also popular for screening off certain areas of your outside space for example, a hot tub and even oil tankers.

Below are some images of left rail fences, which are popular with framing driveways and being made from split chestnut, they have both a contemporary feel and also look classical too.

Custom Fences

All Aspects Fencing will also custom make fences for your home or business. Give All Aspects Fencing a call, for a free, competitive price and we will make a promise to you now, that All Aspects Fencing will give you 100% dedication into your garden or business grounds improvement.

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